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Get A Clean Slate With Personal Bankruptcy

Admitting that you need to file bankruptcy is not easy, but it is courageous. Once you file, you have the chance at a fresh start in life.

If you have debt that has become too much to bear, it is time to reach out to attorney Jacob Hyde. At Hyde Law PLLC, you will find an honest and caring lawyer who can guide you through the steps of personal bankruptcy. With extensive experience serving the people of Texas, Mr. Hyde knows how to discharge your debts through bankruptcy as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Chapter 7 Vs. Chapter 13: Which Is For Me?

You have two options when filing for personal bankruptcy. These are:

Chapter 7: The most common form of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is also called liquidation bankruptcy. When you file Chapter 7, you must sell or liquidate certain assets to repay your creditors. Then, the court will discharge your remaining unsecured debt.

Chapter 13: Also called reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 allows you to repay your creditors in affordable increments over three to five years. Once this period is over, the court will discharge your unsecured debts.

It is difficult to figure out on your own which form of bankruptcy is the best fit for your situation. Attorney Hyde can sit down with you, analyze your finances and determine which chapter is right for you.

Stop Foreclosure And Get More Time

When you file bankruptcy, the court enacts an automatic stay. This means that creditors must stop their collection efforts. It also means that the bank must halt the foreclosure of your home. If you stand to lose your house because you missed your mortgage payments, having Mr. Hyde help you file bankruptcy is an excellent option to fight foreclosure.

Start Toward Your Clean Slate Today

It isn’t easy to take the first step in filing bankruptcy, but you are not alone. Jacob Hyde is ready to help you. Reach out to him at his office in the Woodlands to schedule an initial consultation. To reach him, call 512-720-6765 or send him an email.

Jacob Hyde is a debt relief agent. He helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.