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Foreclosure Is Not The Only Way Forward

You may feel like you are at the end of your rope if the bank is threatening you with foreclosure. Where will your family go? What will be your next step? Will you ever be able to purchase a home again?

Before dwelling on those questions, take a deep breath and consider your options.


Yes. Your situation does not have to end with the foreclosure of your family’s home. There are potential alternatives that will allow you to stay in your home or otherwise mitigate the negative impact of a foreclosure. In The Woodlands and surrounding area, you can turn to Hyde Law PLLC to show you the way.

Lenders Are Not Infallible

Loan companies and banks make mistakes (lots of them). Attorney Hyde will begin by reviewing your circumstances and making sure you are not the victim of an unfortunate error. If the records are clean and add up, he can start looking at alternatives to foreclosure.

Foreclosure Alternatives

Attorney Hyde can help you stay in your home while he walks you through your options. Potential alternatives to foreclosure include Chapter 13 bankruptcy – including a three- to five-year repayment plan that allows you to get caught up on your mortgage – or pursuing a mortgage modification to achieve terms that are more favorable to you but allow your lender to avoid the hassle of foreclosing and holding the property.

Find Out Your Options

Attorney Hyde will make sure you understand all available options to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Call 512-720-6765 or contact us online today to schedule your initial consultation.